Last update : 12/07/2019

Tunisian Republic
Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment

Contract of insertion of the graduates

Objective :

Enable the benificiary acquire professional skills alternatley between a private firm and a public or private training school according to the requirements of a post the firm undertakes to grant it to the beneficiary.

Target :

Tunisian graduate job seekers who are unemployed for a period that exceeds 3 years since their graduation; 

Granting forms :

  • grant a monthly allowance (150 TD) to the beneficiary;
  • compulsory contribution of the firm with supplementary allowances for the youth;
  • granting an additional allowance for the beneficiary residing outside the governorate where the host firm resides; and during the contract an additional monthly allowance not exceeding 50 TD;
  • the State bears the costs of an additional training within the limits of 400 hours during the contract;
  • the firm undertakes to recruit the beneficiaries;
  •  training takes place primarily in the private sector. However; it can also take place in the public sector;
  • grant the firm an integration allowance of about 1000 TD a year after recruitment;
  • bearing social security cover gradually for 7 years after recruitment.


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