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Tunisian Republic
Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment

"Forsati" Program

"Forsati" is a new approach of relationship between Job seeker and employment's structures. The offer job will not remain the only starting point for the process of adequacy between offer and demand, but Job seeker also becomes an active element in the mediation process through the emergence of a contractual relationship between him and his employment adviser in order to build a professional project by improving his employability.

The Beneficiary will have a closed and personalized accompanying since the identification phase of his professional project until its achievement. The project have to be in harmony with the job seeker desires and his professional potential, with the economic needs and with labor market requirements for skills in order to facilitate his integration in a salary job or in an independent one.

Date of registration

The registration for the program started from January 1 until January 30, 2016 on the web site of National Agency for Employment and Independent work (ANETI).


 Providing a personalized accompaniment of the beneficiary to identify his future professional project and helping him to concretize it.

Providing an additional training in languages, information technology, communication, life skills or other technical specialties according to the professional project and needs diagnosed,

 Improving continuously beneficiary competencies and skills,

Adapting to the work market and to firms needs in order to facilitate his access for a salary job or for an independent work.

 Quantitative target




50 thousand beneficiaries in 2016 to reach the goal of 120 at the end 2017.

Terms of use

To ensure the efficiency of the program "Forsati", each employment adviser take in charge a number of beneficiaries in the same time.

The candidate for the program must be an active researcher for an occupancy during 2015 even once (he has to register or update his registration through 2015 even once).

The integration of beneficiaries in the program will be gradually according of these priority crit


  • Number of Days' registered in the Employment and Independent work offices during the years 2013.2014 and 2015,
  • Seniority in the registry as a seeker job,
  •  Age,
  •  Social and family status (civil status, number of children on bail, parental income, wife or husband income, the number of brothers and sisters of age 25 years and under ....).

According to these criteria, a score will be assigned to each candidate for the program, and then all of them will be ranked in order of merit. Every candidate will be informed about the total points he get and his rank.

Beneficiary obligations




The beneficiary of the program "Forsati" is committed to:

  • attend all accompaniment meetings and training sessions,
  • be serious in the development and the implementation of his professional project,
  • Respect all operating components agreed with the employment adviser accompanying him.


In default of non-compliance with any of these commitments, the contract between the beneficiary and the Employment and Independent Work Office will be definitively canceled.


Beneficiaries of the program will have a monthly grant of 100 dinars to cover basic expenses and a health coverage in return of their total attendance of commitments to the implementation of the program components.

Phases of implementation of the program

     1. Préparation Phase 

consist in submitting candidacies by registration in the web site of the National Agency for Employment and Independent Work, and then selected candidates will be invited to attend sessions of introducing the program and to set the dates for the diagnosis of their applications.



2. Diagnosis phase

This phase aims to inform the job seeker the content of the program and its components, to diagnostic his request and the difficulties encountered and their needs to succeed in his search for a job, and then to determine the appropriate accompaniment for him. Finally to sign the contract with the National Agency for Employment and Independent Work.


3. Accompaniment phase for the professional project 

During this phase, the beneficiary will have a personalized accompaniment in order to develop and build a professional project clear and achievable, or to help him for a guidance and to take a decision about the professional goal he should choose.


4. Accompaniment phase for the implementation of professional project

This phase aims to implement professional project selected in the previous phases, the beneficiary will be directed to one of the following tracks:

  • Salary job,
  • Projects and entrepreneurship creation,
  • Social economy and solidarity,
  • Abroad employment.

This program does not cancel the rest of programs launched to improve the employability and the integration of job seekers.



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